Get everyone thinking. Over a Catchup.

An infinite canvas where teammates can actually meet and express themselves in so many ways – pitch your thoughts directly on the Space, add sticky notes and scribble anywhere you like.

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Mock up while you talk.

Bring in screenshots, GIFs, videos, and other media—all the inspiration you need to visualize webpages, storyboards, or social posts.

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Just go with the flow.

Working out a signup process, onboarding tour or email triggers? With Vani, your team can simplify the most complex flows and plan every stage of your marketing journey.

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Review. Iterate. Launch. Repeat.

In Vani, teams can create dedicated Spaces and Zones for each marketing campaign. Bring out all the tiny details, steps, and iterations without missing a beat. Move faster from ideation to launch when everyone's on the same page. Literally.

review section review section 01 review section 02 review section 03 review section 04 pizza sticker review sticker 05 review draw review mention cursor lily review cursor 01 review cursor 02 What about something like this?

Do your best creative work. Together.

Everyone on the team can share ideas while still making room for what others have to say. There's just so many ways for you to create and structure your work. Now, you can finally bid goodbye to rigid, linear apps. 👋

Live cursors

Follow cursors in real time, navigate along with teammates, and see how they interact with the Space.

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Tag your teammates anywhere on a Space where you want to bring their attention to.

marketing mentions


Jot down quick ideas, run polls, or create a Scrum board for any of your marketing campaigns.


Emoji reactions are a way for everyone to express their opinions freely.

marketing reactions

Voice notes

Record quick voice notes that everyone can revisit, directly to your Spaces.


Create shareable anchor links that let everyone navigate and find stuff across a Space.

marketing pin


Mark any spot on the canvas to add feedback or suggestions for your teammates.

marketing comments


Get a head start with pre-made templates designed to get the team's creative juices flowing.

marketing templates

Mini map

Get a bird's-eye view of the entire Space so that you never get lost.

marketing minimap

You're in good company.

"Vani is the starting point for all our projects. When you work together with your team, it's hard to explain something without visuals. Vani is where we organize and plan our ideas."

Majo Visual designer, LATAM Marketing

testimonial majo

"For years, I started with a doc. It was always hard to transition from text to mockups. With Vani, we can visualize webpages while writing and collaborating on the copy. Vani has replaced my primary content tool."

David Elkins Head of Comms

testimonial david

"As a UX writer, I always envisioned a platform where developers, designers, and UX writers could collaborate seamlessly. Thanks to Vani, my team and I now enjoy that experience. By working together in one unified space, we save time and effort while significantly minimizing the chances of errors or miscommunication."

Alen J. Abraham Lead, User Education

testimonial alen
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