Daily Standup

Create to-do lists and ask teammates for help during the course of your work day.

What is a daily standup template?

The daily standup template helps simplify team meetings by promoting transparency and collaboration. It also boosts effective communication, support, and problem identification among team members.

The template contains five sections for each team member to fill in. The sections are:

  • Basic details: Teammate's name, job title, and a photo
  • Current tasks: The tasks they're currently working on
  • Challenges: Any obstacles or challenges that they're facing
  • Completed tasks: Tasks that are completed
  • Need help: Any assistance or support needed from other teammates

Who can use this template?

This template is perfect for teams that work collaboratively and want to maintain regular communication about their work. The daily standup template is typically used at the start of the work day to set tasks and priorities.

How to use this template

  1. Decide on a convenient time every day to catch up and discuss things with your team.
  2. Each team member can pick a row and fill in their details, tasks, and challenges, and tag other teammates in case they need any support. They can also add completed tasks on the following days to keep track.
  3. After all team members share their updates, the team can discuss further challenges and decide how to tackle them.

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