New teammate onboarding

Onboard new team members with this fun template.

What is a new teammate onboarding template?

The new teammate onboarding template is a fun way to onboard new team members and break the ice. It has various sections that help teammates interact with each other, build connections, and have fun.

Here's a breakdown of the sections:

  • Welcome: The new team member is introduced with their name, role, and picture.
  • Meet the team: Introduces each existing member of the team with their name, role, and picture.
  • Fun games: Spin Wheel, Would you rather, and Guess the doodle.
  • Learn about your teammates: Other teammates can welcome the new teammate, ask questions, and talk about themselves!

Who can use this template?

Any team or department looking to have a positive and collaborative work culture can use this template. It's an excellent way to break the ice and encourage team bonding.

How to use this template

  1. Start by uploading your photos and filling in details with the rest of team, to give context to your new teammates.
  2. There are multiple sections where you can come up with Q&As and fun games. Don't be afraid of adding your own games or tweaking some of the stuff here.
  3. Invite the new teammates to the Space and get on a Catchup to spread some cheer.