Product Positioning

Working on a new product or revising an existing one? Here are some positioning exercises for you and your teammates to brainstorm and fill in.

What is a product positioning board template?

Product positioning is a major aspect of marketing that helps businesses define how people perceive their brand. The product positioning template in Vani can help you locate your product's competitive edge in the market, so you can determine how it can stand out from the competition.

This template is divided into two exercises: one to define your product's characteristics, while the second contains positioning statements that you can fill in based on your answers in the first exercise.

To complete the exercise, you'll first need to identify:

  • The problem you're trying to solve with your product
  • Audience needs
  • Market category
  • Target audience
  • Product name
  • Key competitors
  • Key features
  • Unique attributes
  • Hidden needs
  • Relevant trends
  • Benefits
  • Value

Who can use this template?

This template is ideal for product managers, marketing teams, entrepreneurs, and anyone involved in the positioning of a product on the market.

Here are some ways you can use this template:

  • Create a strong positioning statement: You can use the exercises provided in the template to come up with a compelling positioning statement for your product.
  • Launching a new product: Identify your product's unique selling points and position the new product accordingly.
  • Conduct industry analysis: Gain a better understanding of your product's strengths and weaknesses compared to your key competitors.
  • Revise the positioning for an old product: You can use the template to align your product's features and benefits with ever-changing market demands.

How to use this template

  1. You can use both exercise templates to write about your product in detail.
  2. Edit the parts to include information based on the prompts and titles.
  3. Add GIFs, screenshots, and sticky notes to highlight details.
  4. Tag your teammates to fill in specific sections.
  5. Be short, be precise, and be memorable.
  6. Less is more. Say what you want to say in as few words as possible.
  7. Avoid using complex words.

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