Strategy planning

A step-by-step approach to kickstart your brand or product.

What is a strategy planning template?

Strategy planning templates help teams define their vision, what they wish to achieve, and how they'll do it. As the name suggests, it can serve as a guide for developing and implementing a strategic plan for the organization.

This template includes the following sections:

  • Vision: What the company wishes to achieve
  • Core values: The principles that the company follows
  • Focus areas: The main spots where the company wants to focus its efforts
  • Goals: The outcomes the company wants to achieve
  • Tactics and action plan: The strategies and plans that will turn the company's goals into tangible results

Who can use this template?

A strategic planning template is a versatile tool that can help a variety of teams and individuals:

  • Startups can use the template to define their vision and goals, and plan ahead when launching their new business.
  • Company leaders can use it to set objectives for internal teams that will help them achieve their vision.
  • This template can also be used to adjust goals in response to market changes.
  • Teams can use it when starting a new project to plan objectives, tasks, and the implementation strategy according to the company's overall vision.

How to use this template

  1. Start by adding the overall vision of the brand/product in the top section.
  2. Continue to jot down the core values and focus areas of your brand/product.
  3. Bring your teammates in to the Space and get on a Catchup to discuss further.
  4. Get input from your teammates and fill in the goals and action plan needed to achieve the target.
  5. Constantly update the board in case there are changes in any of these sections.

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