Sales follow-up

A quick way to share insights after a sales call and discuss them with your team.

What is a sales follow-up template?

The sales follow-up template helps teams during a call with potential customers to gain useful insights that can help convert leads into buyers. The template consists of four sections:

  • Questions to ask your leads: These questions help you gather information about their pain points, preferences, purchase decisions, your competitors, and more. The template provides you with some basic questions you can start with. You can also add your own questions based on the information you need. The questions on the template are:
  • What are the current challenges you and your team are facing?
  • How big is your team? Who are the folks who will use this product?
  • What are you doing now to solve the challenges? Mention other tools that you use, if any.
  • What is your budget for buying this product? What duration are you looking at for usage?
  • Who will be the decision maker on your end for purchasing the product plan? How long will that take?
  • Any other concerns or questions you have for the product team?
  • Features that match the lead's requirements: A list of your product/service features that match the lead's requirements.
  • Missing features: The features the lead wants but are missing from your product/service.
  • Follow-up checklist: A checklist of things you want to send the lead within two days of the call.

These sections allow teams to understand what the lead wants, the areas where their product or service is lacking, their competitive advantage, and a clear path to market their product/service better to the lead.

Who can use this template?

This template can come in handy during and after a sales discussion with a lead. Sales teams can use it to structure their conversations, systematically gather information, address user needs, and convert leads into customers. The information collected can also help marketing teams understand the user's pain points and refine their strategies to address them better.

How to use this template

  1. The template is split across multiple sections. You can start by listing the questions you'll be asking the buyer or lead.
  2. Based on the call you have with your lead, note down insights-for example, what your lead found useful and what needs to be improved in your product.
  3. You can get on a Catchup with your team and discuss the route ahead.

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