Service blueprint

A service blueprint visually lays out the steps involved in a service process. The blueprint maps out the customer journey and the operations that the service provider performs. It helps in designing a new process or improving an existing process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

service blueprint banner template

What is a service blueprint template?

A service blueprint template is a tool to represent the complete process of a service, mapping out various touchpoints, processes, and interactions between the customer and the service provider.

Who can use this template?

Service blueprints are ideal for product managers, user experience designers, customer support teams, and anyone involved in designing or improving the service delivery process.Here are some ways you can use this template:

  • To understand service processes: Organizations can use it to understand the end-to-end process involved in delivering a service, from customer-facing frontstage actions to backstage operations.
  • To map the customer journey: Service blueprints give a clearer picture of the customer journey.
  • To identify pain points and opportunities: Organizations can easily identify pain points and areas of friction for customers from this blueprint. This helps them prioritize improvements to enhance their processes.
  • To design new services: By highlighting customer needs and preferences, organizations can design new services.
  • For continuous improvement: Organizations can regularly review and refine their service processes with this blueprint.

How to use this template

  1. Start by filling in the customer journey for the process, step by step.
  2. Check how the backstage, frontstage, and support processes work for the same actions and fill them in. Then, add physical evidence for each step directly above the customer journey.
  3. You can also mention the duration for each process under Time, if necessary.
  4. Finally, map dependencies between the individual processes using arrows.