Marketing Release Checklist

Got an upcoming release? Here's an easier way to plan and execute your marketing goals so that you get everything covered.

What is a marketing release checklist template?

A marketing release checklist template helps teams ensure that they have completed all necessary tasks and gathered all required items before launching a product or marketing campaign. Keeping a list can help teams avoid missing anything important during the process.

The template is editable, and the categories and tasks can be modified based on your preferences.

Who can use this template?

The marketing release checklist can be used by marketing teams, product managers, and other cross-functional teams. Here are some scenarios where the template can be used:

  • Launching a new product
  • Rolling out a new marketing campaign
  • Taking a new website live
  • Implementing a rebranding strategy

How to use this template

  1. Edit the content in the existing list to match your current goals.
  2. Add new goal and extend the list as needed.
  3. @mention specific teammates for assigning tasks and milestones.

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