New teammate project milestones

Help new teammates understand everything about your team's projects, the stuff they need to work on, and the expectations you've set for them.

What is a new teammate project milestones template?

Teams can use this template to outline the key milestones and tasks for a newly hired team member, to help them stay on track. This template ensures the onboarding process is smooth and the new member fully understands their responsibilities. The template contains sections to describe projects and milestones, and a timeline for completion.

Who can use this template?

Human resources teams, managers, and team leads can use the new teammate project milestones. The template can be used when a new team member joins and continue for as long as it takes for the new teammate to settle in and fully understand how the team works. This template is versatile and can be used for any new team member, regardless of their department.

How to use this template

  1. Edit it to include specific information about your team-such as products/projects you're handling and what you want your new teammate to work on.
  2. Detail the milestones you want them to understand and keep in mind while learning.
  3. Add GIFs and sticky notes to emphasize points.

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