Team bookshelf

Build your team library with book recommendations from everyone.

What is team bookshelf template?

The team bookshelf template lets teammates share their favorite books with each other. This allows team members to discover and discuss books, creating a shared reading culture within the team. Each teammate gets their own frame, where they can post book recommendations with details and a small description about the book. Additionally, teammates can add their favorite quotes from the books.

Who can use this template?

Anyone who loves books can use the template! If someone likes a book and would love to talk about it with their teammates, they're welcome to. It's great for some casual Friday fun, for team-building exercises, or just regular monthly literary meetups.

How to use this template

  1. This template is the perfect way for bookworms to recommend books to their teammates.
  2. Add the cover page of the book and give a brief description—could be the synopsis or anything you liked about it.
  3. Check back in to see if any teammates have added recommendations of their own!
  4. You could also get on a Catchup to discuss each other's suggestions.