Team recipe board

A fun team activity to share favorite recipes with each other.

What is a team recipe board template?

The team recipe board template allows teammates to spill the beans on their favorite recipes, from ingredients to drool-worthy pictures of the prepared dish. The rest of the team can react to it with emojis, leave comments, and more.

Anything from old family recipes to things tried from the internet is allowed on the table. Teammates can also make it more interesting by modifying an existing formula with their own flavors, when they're trying to recreate it.

Who can use this template?

Any team can use this template to encourage interaction and collaboration between teammates. It can be used to spice up a slow afternoon meeting or break the ice with new recruits.

How to use this template

  1. Copy the recipe journey (the template has sections) and paste it anywhere on the canvas.
  2. Share your favorite recipe, and tell others why it's special for you.
  3. Add GIFs, photos, and stickies to highlight your story.
  4. @mention your teammates to participate in this fun activity!

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