The perfect playground for everyone's ideas

The simplicity of the infinite canvas, combined with the ease of being able to express your thoughts freely, makes it super-friendly for teams to hang out together and be themselves.

Catch up with teammates, just like in real life

Whiteboarding is fun when you don't have to keep hopping between a document tab and a video call—now your team can catch up right here, on the same Space where they create and share their ideas.

More room for team expression

Keep everyone in sync as you think together as one team—there's so many handy tools for you to feel creative while you build on each other's ideas.

Sticky notes

Jot down every fleeting thought, right there on the canvas.


Tag teammates on shapes, sticky notes, or just about anywhere on the canvas.

Media & embeds

Bring in images, GIFs, and inspiration in any shape or form.


Annotate, scribble, and mock up rough concepts with the pen tool.

Voice notes

Record impromptu thoughts, or spell out complex ideas for teammates to refer to later.

Emoji reactions

Voice opinions freely, without breaking the flow.


Drop contextual feedback across the Space, on any element.

Personality cursors

Pick a unique cursor that you vibe with.

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Find focus without ever losing context

The infinite canvas is a great place to embrace all of the chaos that comes with so many people thinking together—now you can organize, structure, and grow your ideas without being bound by boring, linear tools.



Mark important spots on the canvas so teammates can instantly find stuff.



Navigate along with teammates' cursors as they browse through a Space.



Create more than one infinite canvas within a Space. Each canvas is a Zone, which helps you organize related content together.



Combine text, shapes, sticky notes, and more into a single unit that you can move around.



Easily find your way around the canvas or quickly jump to a spot on the map.



Visualize detailed processes with shapes and intelligent connectors.

Zen mode

Zen mode

Hide tools, menus, and anything else that gets in the way of your focus.

Go from brainstorming
to brain-calming

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